Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

Muhammad Ali devoted his life to helping promote world peace, civil rights, cross-cultural understanding, interfaith relations, humanitarianism, hunger relief, and the commonality of basic human values.

His work as an ambassador for peace began in 1985, when he flew to Lebanon to secure the release of four hostages. Ali also has made goodwill missions to Afghanistan and North Korea; delivered over $1 million in medical aid to Cuba; traveled to Iraq to secure the release of 15 United States hostages during the first Gulf War; and journeyed to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison.


The Muhammad Ali Perfume follows the same direction putting importance to the humanitarian principles: for every single perfume sold, an amount is donated to the Rashid Centre for Disabled Children, a Dubai-based no-profit entity that delivers a teaching and therapy curriculum which enables disabled children to take progressive steps towards enjoyment in learning and the achievement of their own aspirations and dreams.

With this initiative, Muhammad Ali’s humanitarian vision embraces the Rashid Centre and its specialists (teachers, therapists, psychologist), helping them build a better future to children with special needs.